Quanzhou establishes digital economy industry alliance

Updated: Mar 24, 2020 L M S

The Quanzhou Digital Economy Industry Alliance was officially established at Quanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone on March 22 – the event marked by a signing ceremony for its member enterprises through video connecting.

The alliance was jointly established by Beijing Kefu Shidai Technology Co, JD Cloud Computing Co, Quanzhou Ruichi Intelligent Group and the Digital Economy Committee of China Information Industry Association.

Officials said it will fully integrate the industry's high-quality resources. This will enable it to build an industrial innovation chain and a mutual assistance platform for industrial upgrading, as well as to create industrial project cooperation and exchange opportunities for alliance members.

They said that as a result, it will drive the city’s digital economy industry development and promote the transformation and upgrading of local industry.

In addition, the alliance will attract intellectual property and innovation investment consulting companies, as well as cultivate industries such as videos, live broadcasts, entertainment and the games sector.

At the cloud signing site, the Quanzhou branch of the Digital Economy Committee of the China Information Industry Association was also established.

Officials said that this is the only city-level branch set up by the committee in the country.